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•What if you forget to pick up your order? We will do our best to get your order to you, but please know that our ability to hold your order is limited, and all orders must be paid for. Please call Abby if you will miss the pickup 541-243-3899.

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Bone-In Pork Chops
Grower: Rock Creek Farm
Price: $5.00 ( lb )
Available (Estimated): 49

Pasture Raised delicious Bone-In Pork Chops are marbled like a steak. Great on the grill or seared in a pan. ... more
Boneless Pork Chops
Grower: Rock Creek Farm
Price: $6.00 ( lb )
Available (Estimated): 13

Boneless pork chops are the same great quality as our bone-in chops without the bone! This cut comes from the ... more
Casserole Carrier
Grower: Lazy Branch Creations
Price: $25.00 ( 1 item )
Available (Estimated): 1

Casserole dish carrier
Grower: Brush Creek Farm
Price: $4.00 ( lb. )
Available (Estimated): 10

Grower: Alleghany Online Farmers Market
Price: $4.00 ( lb. )
Available (Estimated): 29

Chow Chow
Grower: Lazy Branch Creations
Price: $7.00 ( 1 item )
Available (Estimated): 1

Chow Chow
Damson Plum Jam
Grower: Lazy Branch Creations
Price: $4.00 ( 1 item )
Available (Estimated): 1

Damson Plum Jam more
Essential oils storage box
Grower: Blue Feather Creek Farm
Price: $30.00 ( 1 box )
Available (Estimated): 2

A secure place to store your essential oils! Designed to hold 5ml bottles up to 30ml bottles including bottles with ... more
Free Range Eggs
Grower: Heritage House Hens
Price: $3.50 ( 1 Dozen )
Available (Exact): 15

Brown farm raised eggs. Free Range hens that produce a high quality large and extra large eggs!
Free Range Eggs
Grower: Chris Cox
Price: $3.50 ( Dozen )
Available (Estimated): 7

All Natural eggs from hens that are free range hens.